We are a strategic consultancy that focuses on providing
long-term solutions and sustained growth by
re-engineering risk for clients and creating value.

It is our mission to help clients building relationships and leveraging connections.

What we do

Private Clients Management Consulting – PCMCO has been providing consulting services and solutions to a wide ranging clientele. Its services and solutions are tailored to client needs and guarantee timely deliverables is of utmost importance in executing its assignment. Relations building and project management can be overwhelming endeavors while running operations and reaching out to your constituents. PCMCO will develop your internal capabilities so that you can focus on run operations.


Services are tailored for a specialized clientele ranging from international/foreign, private, nonprofit,
and business sector clients operating onsite, off-site, and remote.

Grants Management and Strategic Funding

Grant Research and Proposal Development
Budget Development
Bid and Grants Procurement
Lead Generation

Capacity Building

Organizational Restructuring
Organizational Evaluation
Cultural Competence Training
Needs Assessment
Resources Mapping

Strategic Advisory

Investment Prospection and Market Research
Social Impact Investment
Collaborative Investment
Investment Promotion
Government Relations
Public Relations
Relationship Building
Project Management
Business Intelligence and Risk Analysis
Diligence Services
Registered Agent Services

Asset Management Portfolio

Asset Allocation
Asset Packaging and Re-Packaging
Property Management


Consulting services and solutions
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